Human Rights

Human being is born with basic rights and these rights should be entertained equally. In this case equality refers to the disadvantaged can experienced the same life chances as everyone else. Also many people have been treated very differently in some countries and different skin color as we all know. And education is one of the bases of these rights. So, the right to be educated should be the same for all whether one is wealthy or not.
Education develops personality, and prepares them to face the modern society. That is to say that education thrives humanity and it is our duty as human being to care for a mankind. Similarly, education should be free for all regardless of individual’s financial status.

Today, the threat to human rights is deeper than their sometimes violation, it’s related to some of the spiritual problem based on the philosophical. The important thing is the “values” of the people of how we’ve seen people and how we treat the person who is a human like us and we should be treated equally. For christians, the insight of their faith is that christ is both god and human both fulfilled the commands of God. According to the bible “what’s right and what’s wrong” some people has already judge us from the first sight or our first move. Human-rights-feature-image

East asian poetry analysis

Bai Juyi

Part part plain on grass                   The grass is spreading out across the plain,

One year one wither flourish            Each year, it dies, then flourishes again.

Prairie fire burn not destroy             It’s burnt but not destroyed by prairie fires,

Spring wind blow again life              When spring winds blow they bring it back to life

Distant fragrance invade old path    Afar, its scent invades the ancient road,

Clear emerald meet ruined town     Its emerald green overruns the ruined town.

Again see off noble friend go           Again I see my noble friend depart,

Crowded full parting feeling       I find I’m crowded full of parting’s feelings.


Autumn Air
Li Bai


Autumn wind clear                            The autumn air is clear,

Autumn moon bright                         The autumn moon is bright.

Fall leaves gather and scatter           Fallen leaves gather and scatter,

Jackdaw perch again startle             The jackdaw perches and starts anew.

Each think each see know what day We think of each other- when will we meet?

This hour this night hard be feeling   This hour, this night, my feelings are hard.

Bai Juiy’s poetry is about the vitality and resilience of the grass of the prairie. The first 4 lines is all about the grass. In line 6 it says about the scent of the grass in the second person. In line 8 it emulating  the sound “cheers” as a joyful or cheerful moment also saying goodbye to the poet’s nobel friend. Also this poetry is saying that during the year the grass died and grow again every year, when the fire comes some of them were still alive and till spring season it will grow beautiful again. He used very easy words in his poetry and we can always catch what he is trying to express to the reader. The important thing of the theme is that he based on the typical story. This poetry compare the grass to human life as it says the scent of the grass refers back to the old time when the family have to go to another country the only thing left that were still the same is the greenness of the grass. Bai juyi express his feelings through the poem using the nature and events that happened during that time.

His poetry is kinda like a love letter to an anonymous girl that he liked. He expresses the beautiful season of Autumn by showing imagery of the bright, clear moon. He also talks about the falling leaves when the kind of a bird starting their new life. In the last two he make a contrast of the sky that it’s clear except their relationship between two lovers that is hard. He is saying that he is not really sure the feelings of her towards him. It’s a confusing love between them.

These two poems refers to the cultural of east asian as they’re really love the nature as they both used the nature as their theme and scenes. Also in Li bai’s poetry, back to the old times in Chinese culture they don’t really make a man and a woman be together during the night time.





Senior year!

Here comes the senior year…my last first day being a high school student and my last quarter here. This is my second year here. When I first came to ICS it was a very tough time for me. I remember my old school friend who just came early than me for about a month we had so much troubles together in this school. When I woke up this morning I didn’t feel any nervous at all. I felt a little excitement as I have waited for this moment for the rest of my life. No more school!! One more yeaIMG_1734 (2)r and i’m going in to a college, time flies I still remember the first day of my high school life. Since my first day was kinda a changing kind of thing as I need to get used to a new environment, friends, homework, activities, teachers etc. This year will be very different as my best friend has left school and senior year will be filled with subjects that I don’t want to learn, most importantly capstone will be due very soon. I don’t really have anything much to say here as I’ve been here only a year and I’m leaving ICS soon (the first week of September). Honestly, this year is way better than my last year I enjoyed studying here and happy to see my friends.

Good luck to everyone in school this year😊