Human Rights

Human being is born with basic rights and these rights should be entertained equally. In this case equality refers to the disadvantaged can experienced the same life chances as everyone else. Also many people have been treated very differently in some countries and different skin color as we all know. And education is one of the bases of these rights. So, the right to be educated should be the same for all whether one is wealthy or not.
Education develops personality, and prepares them to face the modern society. That is to say that education thrives humanity and it is our duty as human being to care for a mankind. Similarly, education should be free for all regardless of individual’s financial status.

Today, the threat to human rights is deeper than their sometimes violation, it’s related to some of the spiritual problem based on the philosophical. The important thing is the “values” of the people of how we’ve seen people and how we treat the person who is a human like us and we should be treated equally. For christians, the insight of their faith is that christ is both god and human both fulfilled the commands of God. According to the bible “what’s right and what’s wrong” some people has already judge us from the first sight or our first move. Human-rights-feature-image

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